Tampere Saints

Diamond Bowl: Excellent opportunity

Tampere Saints women’s team are preparing for their third appearance in Women’s Maple League. Former visits in 2013 and 2015 were short lived, but this time, with solid off-season program, they aim higher. Saints head coach Jussi Honkonen sees Diamond Bowl as an excellent opportunity to develop his team further.

Here is more of his thoughts before the tournament:

– The tournament is a brilliant possibility for us to test our competitiveness against Europe's top teams. After the tournament we still have six weeks to the beginning of Women’s Maple League. We still have time to make corrections during that time on the basis of the observations that have been received from the tournament. The opponents in the tournament are tough and still represent very different game styles. This is good opportunity to see how our offense and defense can adapt in a short time to these challenges. For our players this is a good chance; for the more experienced to challenge themselves, and for our rookies to have a good first touch to the game.

– Our staff has analyzed opponents (mainly Roosters and Valkyries) from the video. This has also been an excellent possibility for our coaches to test their wings and to create new ways of action. As to the practices, the tournament has not really had any effects. We still have 2-3 football practices and 2 physics practices per week. To the tournament we will come with full roster and it means the fact that in all the games some of the players will be at the rest turn. This is good because in about 45 hrs our team will play altogether 2, 5 American football games.