St. Petersburg Valkyries

something new, something familiar

St. Petersburg Valkyries is preparing for its fourth season in Finnish Women’s Maple League. The Russian team is known from hard fought option game. Valkyries is heading for new season with new quarterback Elena Proskurikova. Diamond Bowl will be valuable time to drill their game plan and timings before season start.

The aim for Valkyries in Women’s Maple League 2018 is to win it all said head coach Ilya Kravtsov in pre-season interview to Finnish American Football Association’s news.

– Last year we lost only by one point in play-offs to the coming champion, so I don’t doubt that we wouldn't be ready for it.

– We have had a lot of work to do, because of roster changes we have had to think about the systems of both the offense and the defense again. For this reason we have had much more game like team practice from the beginning of the off season than normally before.

– I believe that our strength in the big picture is that our play style will base to familiar things: option and spread-pass in the offense and our defensive front seven will group like before. I hope our special teams will make plays as effectively as before.