Helsinki Roosters Women

Diamond Bowl: Trust their own game

After the last season the tournament host, Helsinki Roosters Women, has undergone some significant changes. Some players have stepped aside and new players have arrived. Last season’s defensive coordinator Heli Harjanne has taken the leading role as the Head Coach of the Roosters Women from the former long-term HC Jarmo Lahti. According to Ms Harjanne Diamond Bowl will give an exquisite opportunity to measure the current level of the two of the next season’s opponents for the Women’s Maple League and enjoy the possibility to meet new international competition during the weekend.

– There will be two new opponents for us playing in the tournament – the Birmingham Lions and Tampere Saints. Valkyries is more familiar to us but season after season they have become harder: I believe they have leveled up from last season again. Both Lions and Saints have national team players in their rosters: for us it means a possibility to play against teams with vast experience.

– We prepared for the Diamond Bowl by having a scrimmage against Lohja Lionesses a few weeks back and gained confidence to our game plan through that. Our players know their roles and can handle their responsibilities. The vital part is that we need to play together as a team – and play hard!

– The most important thing for us is to focus on our own game and execute to our best abilities. I believe that by doing so we will get far in the tournament.