Diamond Bowl 2018

Day One

Birmingham Lions vs. St. Petersburg Valkyries 22 - 0

In the first game of Friday there were a team that has just ended its season and a team closing its off season. And that showed in the field. Birmingham Lions was more ready to play than its counterpart. In first half Lions took three interceptions, which led to two touchdowns. But St. Petersburg Valkyries defense managed to stop the Lions last down in fourth and goal in the end of first half.

On the second half the Lions made one touchdown and two extra points, while Valkyries continued to struggle in offense.

6 -0 Ruth Matta 72 yard run, 2 xp Ruth Matta 2 yard run

8 - 0 Jo Kilby 6 yard run, xp failed

22 - 0 Antoinette Morgan 5 yard run, 2 xp Hannah Pye (pass from Jo Kilby)

Helsinki Roosters Women vs. Tampere Saints Ladies 6 - 0

The second game of the day was a defensive battle. Like Valkyries both teams are ending their off season and it showed in their offenses. For the home team Helsinki Roosters game started with bouncing the ball to Tampere Saints after first snap. Although getting the ball in Roosters red zone Saints couldn’t score, when failed field goal attempt bounced back from goal post. In first half Saints defense kept Roosters offense in short yardage, and Roosters defense intercepted twice Saints pass.

The second half looked like first, but Roosters managed to get ball to Saints nine yard line but not over goal line before end of regular time. In overtime Roosters got first offensive drive from Saints 25 and got the ball once more to the nine yard line but not to the goal. On Saints offensive drive Roosters defensive back took her third interception and returned the ball all the way to Saints goal to win the game.

6 - 0 Sari Kuosmanen 89 yard IC return