Diamond Bowl 2018

Day Two

St. Petersburg Valkyries vs. Helsinki Roosters Women 6 - 0

Very windy Saturday started with a low score game. Rosters defensive back Nicole San Juan stopped Valkyries’s first drive with interception, but Roosters offense struggled to get going. Valkyries got the ball on at Roosters 30 yard line and drove it all the way to one yard line. Roosters defense fought but on 4th and goal wide runner Oksana Arbatova managed to find a route over the goal line and made game winning points.

The second half was played mostly on Roosters side of the field, but Roosters defense kept Valkyries out of own end zone as did Valkyries defense to Roosters offense.

6 - 0 Oksana Arbatova, 4 yard pass from Elena Proskurikova, (xp failed)

Birmingham Lions vs. Tampere Saints 30 - 0

On the second game of the day Saints defense gave their offense good possibilities by forcing the Lions to punt in their first three drives. After the third punt Saints fumbled the ball and Lions LB Phoebe Schecter picked the ball and run it 76 yards to Saints end zone. On extra point try quarterback Jo Kilby passed to WR Kim Tsiga for two points.

The second half kept tight until in mid point the Lions managed to open running lanes to running back Ruth Matta. After couple of downs she ended the drive with one yard touchdown run and two points extra point run to double the score. Bad snap on Saints next drive gave the ball to Lions on Saints one yard line and RB Sophia Wee finished touchdown in first run. In the end of the half Lions second QB Natalie Parker found WR Hannah Pye with 40 yards touchdown pass and run herself two extra points to finalize the score.

8 - 0 Phoebe Schecter, 76 yard fumble return, (2 xp Kim Tsiga pass from Jo Kilby)

16 - 0 Ruth Matta, 1 yard run, (2 xp Ruth Matta run)

22 - 0 Sophia Wee, 1 yard run, (xp failed)

30 - 0 Hannah Pye, 40 yards pass from Natalie Parker, (2 xp Natalie Parker, run)

St. Petersburg Valkyries vs. Tampere Saints 18 - 0

On third game defenses controlled the game most of the first half. First points were made in the last second of the half. After missed pass Valkyries QB Elena Proskurikova succeeded to pass to WR Anastasiia Gorkutcenko in to the end zone.

Second half started with Saints misfortune, when a bad snap in punt gave the ball to Valkyries on Saints seven yard line. After two downs Valkyries scored next points with WR Daria Briukhovetskajya’s two yard run. The final numbers were made by a 44 yard pass from Proskurikova to Briukhovetskajya.

6 - 0 Anastasiia Gorkutcenko, 8 yard pass from Elena Proskurikova, (xp failed)

12 - 0 Daria Briukhovetskajya, 2 yard run, (xp failed)

18 - 0 Daria Briukhovetskajya, 44 yard pass from Elena Proskurikova, (xp failed)

Birmingham Lions vs. Helsinki Roosters Women 28 - 8

The final game of Saturday was played between so far unbeaten Lions and tournament host Roosters. Once more Ruth Matta proved to be hard to stop and she finished first touchdown with 35 yard carry. Hannah Pye added two extra points with a pass from Jo Kilby. While Roosters offense continued to struggle, the Lions offense run quite smoothly. Ruth Matta collected yards and QB Jo Kilby run herself the last yards to end zone, and finished with extra points pass to WR Jodie Harris. Lions was near scoring on their next possession but Roosters’ rookie defensive back Isabella Lievonen intercepted Jo Kilby’s pass on own goal line and returned it ten yards. The joy was short lived and Lions got the ball once more near the end of half. After bad snap QB Jo Kilby was scrambling to avoid Roosters defense but managed to find WR Celine Bisson on Roosters end zone for the next score.

On second half Roosters offense got its offense finally in order. Running back Mari Jääskelä found the gaps made by offensive line and RB Katri Ronni finished the drive with two yard run to Lions end zone. Roosters got also two extra points when quarterback Carolina Lindholm found WR Janina Virtanen with her pass. Lions used their second quarterback on second half and she managed to make last points of the game by two yard run.

8 - 0 Ruth Matta, 35 yard run, (2 xp Hannah Pye, pass from Jo Kilby)

16 - 0 Jo Kilby, 2 yard run, (2 xp Jodie Harris, pass from Jo Kilby)

22 - 0 Celine Bisson, 7 yard pass from Jo Kilby, (xp failed)

22 - 8 Katri Ronni, 2 yard run, (2 xp Janica Välimäki, pass from Carola Lindholm)

28 - 8 Natalie Parker, 2 yard run, (xp failed)